Cosmic Confidence in Interreligious Spirituality

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Anthony Savari Raj


This paper presents and examines the interreligious philosopher-theologian Raimon Panikkar’s proposal of ‘Cosmic Confidence’ in interreligious spirituality and another dialogue theologian Paul Knitter’s critique on it. Their conversation is to be situated in a wider issue of the relation between pluralism and justice. The paper proceeds in three parts. The first part summarily presents the context and direction of Panikkar’s pluralistic vision, particularly with a focus on his central insight of cosmic confidence. The second part indicates a challenge to Panikkar’s cosmic confidence in terms of a preferential option for the poor – a spirit, of course, of liberation theology, but also that gets reflected in the challenge thrown by Knitter. And the final part deals with some implications of their mutual dialogue for the issue of pluralism, justice and reconciliation.

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RAJ, Anthony Savari. Cosmic Confidence in Interreligious Spirituality. Annals of the University of Bucharest - Philosophy Series, [S.l.], v. 66, n. 1, july 2017. ISSN 0068-3175. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 18 feb. 2019.