The Challenge of Traditions in Brazil Today

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André Bueno


The formation of Brazilian culture is relatively new in the world history. With just over five hundred years of existence, Brazil was created from several different cultural sources: indigenous, European, African and Asian. This situation created a rich and complex situation, which makes many believe a genuine Brazilian civilization, with its own characteristics. However, after 1989, with the apparent end of the Cold War, the political situation in Brazil has changed significantly. Without the conflict “Capitalism x Socialism”, it created a vacuum in Brazilian politics: what options the Brazilians would have to reorganize their society? The search for cultural origins seemed an excellent substitute for this: Brazilians began to use religious or cultural theories as forms of political thought, invoking the traditions to solve social problems. But, what traditions? In a multifaceted country, which traditions can guide the future? And again, which is the concept of “traditional” in Brazilian mentality? In this paper, I will try to present this complex scenario of the current Brazil; a field of struggle between conflicting traditions and religions in search of political and social space.

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traditions; Brazil; religious dialogue