A critical analysis of the Foucauldian heterotopias

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Viorel Vizureanu


The following study is intended to be the first part of what could be called a “triptych”dedicated to the Foucauldian heterotopias and it is designed to organically capture the followinglevels of the French thinker’s interpretation of the original concept: 1) an “internal” hermeneutics(a critical commentary) of the text where the concept is sketched; 2) an analysis of the existingcomments on the subject; 3) a constructive “continuation” of Foucault’s ideas, by highlighting thepossibility of applying the concept in question to the cases that are not discussed by the author orby other philosophers “faithful” to it. Of course, the manner in which we seek to approach thisissue does not exclude all references – necessary, otherwise – to the minimal critical sources, buttheir role will be, for the moment, only to clarify, specify and complete our interpretative claims.In this first step, we will be particularly attentive to the manner Foucault’s structuralism “affects” his vision about space, to the consistency of what he called “the principles of the heterotopology’’ and also to some aspects of the extensional manner of defining the heterotopias.

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